be a part of the beginning

We humbly ask for your time in reading this and your consideration in supporting us on this new adventure.

The Quick Story behind the founding of Intentional Heart

Intentional Heart was founded in April 2018, as a non profit corporation, with no real “rush” to get started quickly. It was understood that things take time. In light of the recent tragic loss of my son Zach, I am compelled to make every moment count. I am passionate about using the gifts and knowledge that I have learned in my 46 years to create what I know will be a revolutionary approach towards both individual balanced wellness and creating a sense of community support that results in creating empowered people who then go out and change the world. My media and event production background combined with my strategic thinking and problem solving approach to all things have led me to this venture. In the past 6 months I have been developing basic outlines of projects, immersive experiences, retreats and simple workshops for every age group. In the last few weeks I have outlined a program aimed at young adults to provide them with a “mental and physical playground” during the most critical time of their life, transition to adulthood and deciding what they will do with the talents within themselves that may have yet to even be discovered. This program is revolutionary in its simplicity and its offerings but it will take time to develop it properly. It is our goal as an organization to fund 3 positions, a paid accountant for bookkeeping, and finally to cover legal costs. These are all required to set the foundation, develop our timeline and programs and to build towards the requirements for 501(3)c status. We need your support.  

We believe that in order to be successful you must start out with a solid foundation, good people and a clear path. This requires consistent effort from qualified individuals with a single purpose, to create enrichment programming that will support the mission and fund the charitable efforts we provide on a national level.

Great, you want to help! Awesome! HOW?



Our goal is to raise $50,000 in donations in order to provide some funding for 1 full time (Shannon) and 2 part time staff positions (TBD), and cover accountant & attorney fees.



The first year of a non profit can be the last for many of them. And then even after that first year it can be a struggle to get going and keep going due to many obstacles. At Intentional Heart we are focusing on building a strong foundation of experienced individuals to bring the visions to life. Our board members have experience in non profit structure, grant writing, media, art, therapy, small business, leadership, life coaching, wellness, engineering, military, government, corporate and so many other valuable assets. Our first challenges are to form the team (we currently have 3 board members in addition to several advisory members) , sift through the many options and sort priorities, prepare for the 501(3)c application process to ensure it is done correctly as it is not required but opens up many other avenues for support, and to develop those 2nd year programs and workshops that will support the charity services offered, like hands-on classes for young adults to “try” different job skills. Our structure is a service model (paid workshops/retreats/coaching) with donations of materials and funding through the year. However, our first year will require substantial donations to ensure success so that we can afford the staff required to develop this successfully. We appreciate each and every dollar that we have received here and directly. You are all a part of something bigger than each of us.  

Find out more by visiting our website, our facebook page, and follow us on instagram too.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Shannon Tibbetts
Executive Director