Ruth Tureckova, BA, Grad Dip.

Board Member

Ruth has been a professional fundraiser and educator for the past 21 years working with non-profit organizations in higher education, adult education and literacy, health care as well with libraries, museums and other social service agencies. Daughter of an artist, now wife and mother to extraordinarily creative types, she is keen to help anyone, and everyone, including herself, experience the sustaining, nurturing benefits of creative exploration in all its facets.

The focus of Shannon and the team at Intentional Heart – to fill the world with more difference makers, more joy, more kindness and more healthy people that live life with an intentional heart and create a better world – is essentially why Ruth began working in the non-profit sector. Ruth’s core belief is that when you help to change one person’s life for the better there is a ripple effect on people around them. By helping one you can help many. She believes that Intentional Heart’s immersive experiences, retreats, workshops and programming will have a positive effect not just on the participants but on their families, friends and co-workers as they take what they have learned and make it an integral part of how they live their lives and interact with those they love.

Ruth and her family love to travel and explore. Born in the UK, raised in Australia, Ruth met and married ‘her’ artist and fellow explorer in Japan. After close to a decade in Asia, they moved to the beaches of Rhode Island where they continue to learn and benefit from connections with wonderful people like Shannon and the team at Intentional Heart.