Laura Hawkins, CPT

Board Member

Laura has always been extremely passionate about fitness from very early on.  She began her career in fitness over 15 years ago when she attended the National Personal Training Institute in San Francisco, California.  Since then Laura has been involved with all different modalities of fitness.  She specializes in core, strength, balance, stability and functional training techniques for women, children and men of all ages.  Her main goal is to motivate, educate and inspire others to learn how to create inner happiness and a balanced well-being through healthy diet and exercise. In Laura’s free time she loves to adventure with her husband and 7 year old daughter.  They enjoy biking, hiking, camping, running obstacle races and traveling the world!

Laura joined Intentional Heart because she believes that we all need to work on finding the truest version of ourselves.  Through the workshops, retreats and different immersive experiences, it will give people the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of who they are and what they want to accomplish in this lifetime.  We all need encouragement and support along life’s journey and Intentional Heart has a deep focus on both.

“Our body and mind are the only places that we have to live, so we owe it to ourselves to gain a deeper understanding of the synergistic interaction of both!  We are the only ones that can change our lives.  No one can do it for us!”