Our Mission

Intentional Heart creates transformative spaces and immersive experiences that offer opportunities to unlock the potential inside every individual.

We intend to fill the world with more difference makers, more joy, more kindness and more healthy people who live life with an intentional heart and create a better world by building community to support and empower our teens and young adults.


The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, creative, and scientific purposes


Our Specialty

We create spaces, experiences, retreats, workshops and programming that enrich and empower your life through dynamic community connection. Connect to yourself, others, and the world around you through exploration, art, nature, play, and intentional focus. Our creative solutions for communication, health and wellness, leadership development, and self discovery allow for ongoing enrichment in fun ways with a purpose to achieve balanced mental, physical and spiritual wellness as you discover the talents hidden inside yourself and find the sources of your own joy.


Whether your life's work or "calling" is inspired by your faith, values, the entrepreneurial spirit or the courage of your convictions, we can help you maximize your greatest resources! We believe that everyone has unique gifts inside them and sometimes they just need a little space to be discovered.

We collaborate with other non profit and for profit organizations to create unique opportunities for personal development and charitable giving. 


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Next Steps...

This is an exciting time for us and for you! We not only encourage it, but we celebrate it when there is collaboration. We all grow from the relationships formed in life and we all have something unique to offer. So let's work TOGETHER to create experiences to empower us all.