Our Founder

After over 25 years working in a creative industry I kept seeing the same themes.

Many adults have forgotten what it means to explore, create, dream and just kick over rocks to see what’s under them. They had forgotten how to be a “kid” so much so that even our kids were being forced to “grow up” and do adult things sooner than they may be ready. I am not even ready. Each one of us is unique with our own beautiful gifts but many are not utilizing them or have not yet discovered them in large part because as a society we stopped “playing”. The goal of this non profit is to empower everyone in a way that helps them explore and learn together while growing in balanced wellness to go out and live a more connected and joyful life. We aim to provide virtual and in person spaces that give young people a place to engage with life rather than find alternatives that take it away.

Our programming is designed to allow dream chasing, unplugging from the pressure of life, connecting with nature, and learning new things, all while being supported in a community of individuals who support your dreams, encourage your exploration and work together with you to tackle the everyday struggles of the human existence. 

Imagine a world where play is brought back into life and you are empowered to live with an intentional heart!

Shannon Tibbetts, CPC is a certified and intuitive coach helping people discover where their joy lives. Shannon is especially talented in creating innovative ideas to reach goals and work towards the future. Her childlike ability to treat everyday like an adventure helps others see the possibilities in their own life. She is an artist and child at heart and formed Intentional Heart to focus on the individual and provide unique opportunities for personal growth.

Her company, Imaginif Media LLC, also provides creative services and solutions for both individuals and businesses through program development, talent resourcing and community engagement.

Shannon has a degree in Television Production with 25 years in the Media and Marketing Industry and has received several awards for both broadcast and marketing. Her extensive Management and Technology expertise combined with educational program development and event coordination provides an unmatched resource for increasing awareness and ongoing program development.

In addition, Shannon has experience creating hands-on educational programs from preschool through adult. In 2018 she formed Intentional Heart, a 501(3)C non profit,  with the mission to empower everyone’s life. After the death of her son she realized the need to focus on programming aimed at young adults, to provide them with a “mental and physical playground” during the most critical time of their life and offer a practical and exciting solution for the addiction epidemic in this country.

On July 19, 2018 my son Zach died of fentanyl poisoning at the age of 22. He walked this earth as a handsome, intelligent, charismactic boy with his entire future ahead of him. Instead, like most teenagers he began drinking and then experimenting with drugs. We did not know most of his story until it was too late. There are too many kids out there with bright futures that need a place that will help them navigate the challenges of this life. This is why I do what I do. 



 Articles written by Shannon Tibbetts