Taking the Pause

So many times, I have made a choice to do something or take part in an experience that, in the end, I brought me suffering and discomfort. I have had a tendency to jump in and go for it, because I felt if I didn’t I might be missing something. In my head, even now thinking about this, I’m like “WHOA, girl take a beat!” That being said, I know it was all as it should be at that time in my life.

Knowing when to pause or step into an experience is something I've been working on understanding more these last few years. You see, I had thought for a long time my tendency to jump into something too fast, and then rooting in and refusing to let it die, was a response from my beliefs that I could never give up. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with a new friend and Soul Teacher that I was invited into another possible reason: my inner child was wanted.

This was something I had been aware of, but not really looking at, as a reason to fight through things in my life. And I can say now that I’ve awakened this understanding, I am viewing more of my experiences with kinder eyes. You see, there was a time in my childhood I can remember not being liked, being made fun of, or simply being left out of some group activity. This was not all of my life, but it made an impact and now, as an adult, I have made choices that maybe didn’t align for my greatest and best good, but they did teach me, so I can now view my choices from a different view point.

Now, when I find myself in a position to make a choice to get involved in an experience, I have the luxury of taking pause. In that pause, I evaluate how does this experience speak to me. Is it coming in a way that feels good or not. I lean into how I’m feeling and allow the messages to come through and I listen, I write, I meditate, and I make a choice after the pause. This is a powerful practice albeit extremely uncomfortable at the same time. My first reaction is go, go, go, but I now understand the importance of the pause, and how taking the pause and becoming the observer leads me to a road that is lit with the light of my soul's voice and wisdom. For this I am grateful, and when I do follow this guidance I can say my life has more ease and joy.

I invite you to take the pause and allow yourself the opportunity to move with with spirit as your guide.

Live Authentically,